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Meet the Queen behind it all!

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Welcome!!! My name is Suzette Thomas and I am the owner and package designer of I’ll Take The Wrap LLC. Gift wrapping is an art and it is my passion. However, that was not always the case. It was my good friend Emily Cain that planted the seed of love for gift wrapping in my heart.

Years ago when we were coworkers at Lee’s Inlet Apothecary and Gifts,
Mrs. Emily took a piece of wrapping paper and a ribbon and created
something beautiful. That moment changed my life forever. After seeing
how fascinated I was with her gift wrapping techniques, Mrs. Emily
showed me the purpose of a beautifully wrapped gift. It was then that I
realized that gift giving begins at first sight.

A beautifully wrapped gift adds to the suspense and anticipation of what is actually inside the package. You want to open it but your hesitant, not wanting to destroy it’s beauty. The reaction is always priceless. My vision has surpassed my passion and it is my desire to elevate the essence of gift giving and capture the moments...the love!!! The look on one’s face when they say “its too pretty to open” is truly priceless.

My great friend Mrs. Emily is no longer with us but “I’ll Take The Wrap, LLC" will continuously represent her love of giving beautifully wrapped gifts to
the special people in her life. I never imagined this day would come...who
knew?? God knew and my dear Emily, your memory will always be in my

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